Water your flowers

It’s easy to put up a facade that everything is okay. It’s so easy to create this “life” on social media that projects an image that everything is perfect in your life. We put up this “picture” of what our life and happiness may seem to be but those are just a few seconds captured with one click. What about the other 86,395 seconds in your day? One of the biggest reasons why I started this blog was to show all aspects of life. I know I’ve come a long way with my mental health in comparison to where I was a few years ago but there’s still more work to be done. You don’t magically just heal everything. A flower won’t keep growing if you stop watering it. It may be okay for a few days, maybe even a week but eventually it just dies. You have to keep watering and nurturing the flower to allow it to thrive. Treat your mental health like a flower. You need to listen to your instincts, thoughts, and emotions. You can’t push it to the side and hope they go away because eventually it will all catch up to you. Ignoring your emotions can affect you in so many other ways. It could build up and eventually come out in anger towards other people. All of these underlying problems and emotions need to be expressed. I learned this the hard way. In one of my past relationships, I didn’t know how to express my emotions to him. I would constantly say “I’m fine” and keep my mind busy with other things. I kept shoving all my emotions from my trauma away and it eventually would just blow up. I’d shut him out or allow my insecurities get in the way which usually turned into a fight. I blamed him for things that weren't his fault. This was all because I didn’t know how to identify what I was feeling and communicate it. When my overall mental health worsened, I decided it was best to leave him. I couldn’t keep putting him through something traumatic because I had underlying issues to work on. It wasn’t fair to him. I spent the next few months rebuilding myself. I made routines that worked for me. I made my mental health a priority and eventually learned how to express my emotions. It took a lot of work but I learned more about myself and how to handle different situations. However, just because I’m at a place where I have a better grasp on my emotions and mental health, I still consistently work on it. There’s always more ways to better myself and I’m just getting started. Pictures tell stories but only what people want you to see. Don’t compare yourself to those who put up a good facade on social media. Take care of yourself and continue to water your flowers. You got this.

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