Surgery with a 68D

I interviewed a 68D. Hopefully this helps you!

Explain your Mos.

My MOS is a 68D, surgical technologist. It entails assisting the surgeon during surgery, maintaining the sterility of the field to prevent contamination’s ensuring patient safety. This MOS also covers sterility of instruments- cleaning and sterilizing those in a department called SPD.

Are there any requirements to be in this MOS?

The only main thing I remember is the ASVAB score. Physical fitness too! It’s stereotypical that those who goes to combat, specifically infantry,, are the ones to really need to stay fit. Others think that some MOS, especially medical ones, don’t need to. But we do too. We still have to meet those physical requirements throughout our contract.

What did your recruiter tell you about this job before you left for BCT?

All she said was, “You’ll be helping out the surgeon.” I had an idea of what I would be doing since I’ve been in the medical field for 11 years. My recruiter was an MP and new to recruitment. I was her first recruit to actually get onto BCT. I don’t think she knew much about the 68 series of the Army.

How was your AIT experience?

Our AIT had phase I and phase II. Phase I was all class work. It’s a program that would normally be completed in 2 years in civilian world and we had to complete it in just a few months in the Army. We had 2 exams per week. Not a typical quiz type. We would cover multiple topics per exam and it was overwhelming. That was intense but we got through it, we had to put a lot of effort. Phas II was more fun. We were being trained so we were with real patients, doing real work. It was slightly overwhelming at first because we are learning procedure that we haven’t done. We were also learning more instruments. But once we got used to the procedures it got easier each time.

Are you active or reserves?

I’m active duty.

How long have you been in?

I’ve only been in for 9 months.

What’s it like being in that MOS now and was it exactly how your recruiter explained it to be?

My recruiter wasn’t wrong, I was assisting the surgeon. The only thing I didn’t know we also had to do was cleaning and sterilizing the instruments. In my phase II there were staff just for OR and staff just for SPD. I’m lucky that I get to be in both at my first duty station for it being a small hospital. I like it this way so I can maintain my versatility in the profession.

If you can give recommendations to someone that wants to be in this MOS, what would it be?

Do some job shadowing. It’ll give you an idea on what being a surgical technologist is like. You’ll also figure out your aversions to blood or any gory stuff. Learn your study and test taking skills. If you’re still in HS take advantage of college credits for classes like A&P, medical terminology, and microbiology. It’ll help with the program- it’s taxing so a little knowledge beforehand is a huge help. Be mentally prepared. You have to be able to push yourself and have a good support system. It takes so much perseverance and resiliency to succeed. Good luck!


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