Lets repair with a 15T

I interviewed a soldier who is a 15T. Hopefully this helps you!

Explain your MOS.

15T is a Blackhawk repairer. We do maintenance repair and servicing of the army’s Blackhawk helicopters and also we are able to be a crew chief that allows us to fly in the helicopter with the pilots.

Are there any requirments to be in this MOS?

I don’t know the exact ASVAB score, just need a high enough score to qualify for this MOS and a mindset of wanting to learn more.

What did your recruiter tell you about this job before you left for BCT?

For people that love wrenching, tools, and maintenance and adrenaline it’s a perfect job for them.

How was your AIT experience?

It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad. I learned a lot and the training was fun, it was the people in my company that made it hard. Even the FTX was super fun. We were lucky to be able to go off post on the weekends since COVID restrictions were being lifted.

Are you active or reserves?

Active duty

How long have you been in?

1 year

What is it like being in that MOS now and was it exactly how your recruiter explained it to be?

It’s amazing, I’m learning so much and I always love being on the flight line and seeing all the aircraft land, fly, and take off. As far as the maintenance it was everything I’d hoped it to be. Everyday is a challenge and an opportunity to learn more.

If you can give recommendations to someone that wants to be in this MOS, what would it be?

Keep an open mind. Be willing to learn more and have fun. Not a lot of people get to do this job and it can be very rewarding.


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