How do I stop caring about other people's opinions?

Are you struggling with dealing with people judging you? Then this read is for you.

For years, I have struggled with wanting approval from others. I questioned every little thing I was doing and if I would be judged for my decisions. I was also known to be a people pleaser because I was so concerned about everyone's opinion even if it came from a stranger. One day I came to a realization that everything I did was not for me, it was because someone had told me, "No that's too weird, should be this way" or "I don't agree with what you are doing. You should do this instead." I didn't recognize myself and I just wasn't happy. Instead of doing things that made me happy, I was doing things to make other people happy. I almost didn't recognize myself.

Once I had that realization, I did a lot of self reflecting. I had to figure out what I wanted out of life... how I wanted to live my life. I had to learn how to differentiate beneficial advice rather than someone negatively criticizing me. That's when I had to change my mindset. Why should I care what other people think?! This is my life. The infamous saying of "You only live once," but you live every day. You only die once. So don't let others control the way you live your life. Do what makes you happy. The world can be so cruel and judgmental but you have control on whether you let that affect your personal life or not. Shift your mindset from, "Will someone judge me if I do this?" to "Will this make me happy and positively add value to my life?" I can guarantee you that you will look at life differently. Negative words and criticism can be hurtful but don't let that get to you. You know your worth. Prioritize yourself. The longest relationship you are going to have is with yourself so take care of YOU! I know it is easier said than done but once you reach the point where you can shift your mindset to stop caring about what other people think, you are indestructible.

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