How Do I Get a Girlfriend?

This is definitely a fun one! Studies show that most people find their significant other at work or a place they go to often like the gym. It's important to find someone that shares some of the same interests as you and it'll be a good way to get a conversation going! We all know that people like to say "it's not about their looks and more of their personality" which I agree with to a certain extent. There must be a certain physical feature that catches your eye. Maybe it's her cute crooked smile or the way her eyes gleam in the light. Once you see someone who sparks your interest, introduce yourself! Don't be cocky about it because you'll lose her interest faster than Tom Brady missing the ball at an interception attempt. Girls like confidence but not conceded. Show her that you're interested and depending on the cards you play, you definitely have the possibility of starting something new. Personally, I think it's important to develop a friendship but don't get stuck in the friend zone! Make sure you are constantly showing interest in wanting more with her while building a solid base for the relationship. That all starts with going on dates, spending time together, getting to know each others flaws, and communicating!

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