How do I escape loneliness?

There are times where I have felt super lonely and I would just dig a rabbit hole with a negative mindset. I was always taught how to be social but never how to be okay with being alone. I even found myself depressed with loneliness where I just felt numb. I felt like I couldn't feel anything nor did I care about anything. Once you're in that state, it can be difficult to pull yourself out of it. That's when I learned to take it step by step. People say take it day by day but when you're already that deep, you have to take it step by step or even minute by minute. That is OKAY! At times like this, find something that will help you pull yourself out of it and not feel so lonely. Whether that's going for a walk, writing in a notebook, or even calling a friend. If you are truly feeling alone, go out to a social setting and make it a goal to meet someone new. Just because we are older now doesn't mean we can't make new friends. You can also go out with someone you trust and confide in them with how you are feeling. Expressing your emotions to someone you trust can definitely help with escaping loneliness because you never know, they could give you beneficial ideas or advice. The best thing you can really do is to figure out what works for you to be okay with being alone and knowing when you need to get out and get social time in! Just know that you are not truly alone. There's always someone out there who will listen.

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