EX 19-21

As I was just starting to find myself, my worth, my happiness

I met you

You took my breath away

You gave me bad boy energy

and I got addicted

I didn’t care how you treated me

You had a personality like no other

You weren’t the easiest to love

and I took that challenge

I gave my heart and trust to you

We had our fun nights

Going out and getting drunk

Not having a care in the world

We made irrational decisions

Moved in together

Then the pandemic hit

You fell hard into alcoholism

You prioritized the drinking over me

Made me feel invalid

and yet, I still put you first

I’d spend nights crying

from the verbal and emotional abuse

And you didn’t care

They weren’t mistakes

They were patterns that you trapped me in

And I still stuck around

You had this control over me

and I lost myself

I didn’t recognize who I was anymore

You drained me

My happiness and self love left my body

You manipulated me

Gas lighted me

Made me feel worthless

Blamed me for everything

Used things I trusted you with, against me

You got under my skin

Intoxicated me with your poisonous love

I was falling deeper into a dark hole

But then there was a small dim light

It shined through the cracks of my heart that you shattered

I realized I needed to get away from you

I had enough

You didn’t deserve an ounce of my love anymore

I fought for myself

Gained the strength to pull myself together again

Leaving you behind in the dust

In a blink of an eye, I was gone

And we moved on

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